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About your authors
Vin Crosbie Vin Crosbie
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Dorian Benkoil Dorian Benkoil
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Bob Cauthorn Bob Cauthorn
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Ben Compaine Ben Compaine
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Dorian Benkoil senior consultant at Teeming Media. An award-winning journalist and editor, he was a foreign correspondent for AP and Newsweek, and international and managing editor for ABCNews.com. At ABC News he moved to the business side, handling sales integration and business development, before joining Fairchild Publications as General Manager for their Internet division, becoming editorial director for mediabistro.com, then a consultant for Teeming Media in New York. He graduates this year with an MBA from Baruch's Zicklin school of business. Learn more about him at Benkoil.com or his blog - MediaFlect.com.

Robert Cauthorn is a journalist, former vice president of digital media at the San Francisco Chronicle, and was the third recipient of the Newspaper Association of America's prestigious Digital Pioneer Award. He launched one of the first five newspapers web sites in the world and is generally considered to have delivered the first profitable newspaper web site in 1995. Cauthorn has been in the middle of the transition from old media to new and is recognized as frank-talking critic when he believes newspapers stray for their mission. In mid-2004 he became the president of CityTools, LLC a new media startup based in San Francisco.

Ben Compaine has divided his career between the academic world and private business. He was a journalist when manual typewriters were considered state of the art, but also led the conversion of his college newspaper to cold type. He has started and managed weekly newspapers. His dissertation at Temple University in 1977 was about the changing technologies that were going to unsettle the landscape of the staid and low profit newspaper industry. Since then he has focused his research and consulting on examining the forces and trends at work in the information industries. Among his most well-known works (and the name of his blog) is "Who Owns the Media?".

Vin Crosbie has been called "the Practical Futurist" by Folio, the trade journal of the American magazine industry. Editor & Publisher magazine, the trade journal of the American newspaper industry, devoted the Overview chapter of executive research report Digital Delivery of News: A How-to Guide for Publishers to his work. His speech to the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference was one of 24 orations selected by a team of speech professors for publication in the reference book Representative American Speeches 2004-2005. He has keynoted the Seybold Publishing Strategies conference in 2000; co-chaired and co-moderated last year's annual Beyond the Printed Word the digital publishing conference in Vienna; and regularly speaks at most major online news media conferences. He is currently in residence as adjunct professor of visual and interactive communications and senior consultant on executive education in new media at Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, and meanwhile is managing partner of the media consulting firm of Digital Deliverance LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut.
About this blog
Two forces have shattered the news media. Technology is the first. Although media technology is undergoing its greatest change since the day in 1440 when Johannes Gutenberg first inked type, for more than ten years now the news industry has mistaken new technologies merely as electronic ways to distribute otherwise printed or analog products. Estrangement is the second. The news media has lost touch with people's needs and interests during the past 30 years, as demonstrated by rapidly declining readerships of newspapers and audiences of broadcast news. How we rebuild news media appropriate to the 21st Century from the growing rubble of this industry is the subject of this group weblog.

Rebuilding Media

Date Index
June 2010
03: Is AT&T's new data pricing a bad sign for media's iPad dreams?

July 2009
20: My Visit With Walter Cronkite
17: Another Innovator's Dilemma: Book Publishers Uncertain About E-Book Releases
15: Network externalities means different business model solutions for old media and new

June 2009
14: What's the Boston Globe Worth? A newsstand copy may cost you more than the company.
12: Google Not Enemy, Not Friend
10: Journalist, Editor, Ad (Wo)Man

May 2009
16: Newspapers shouldn't be seeking -- and don't need-- government help

April 2009
15: Crovitz, Brill in New Pay Journalism Project
07: What's a Community News Site's Obligation?
01: A New Journalism Model - News in a ‘Search Economy’

March 2009
30: Meanwhile, Over at MediaFlect
27: For-Profit, Not-for-Profit, Unprofitable for-Profit: All to be Part of the Media Model Mix
18: Advertising Vs. News - Who's Ahead?
17: To Save Newspapers, Don't Restrict Others
12: From a Knowledge- to a Relationship Economy
04: How Twitter Plans to Make Money

February 2009
26: $10 a month for SMS, not a dime for the digital newspaper. What's wrong with this picture?
10: Kinsley sees no future in micropayments for news-- but positive outlook nonethless
03: What the Economy Means for Media Investment

January 2009
30: Cambridge's Out of Town News survives
28: No Need to Make Newspapers Not-for-Profits

December 2008
16: Detroit Free Press to offer a robust digital version. But is it enough?
13: Detroit newspapers on verge of being first going less than daily (sort of)

November 2008
20: More than symbolic: Out of Town News in Harvard Square to close
06: Informing Ourselves (not to Death)

October 2008
15: The Media Pinball Effect
03: When the Story is Bigger Than the News
01: TV Network Viewership Down. What's the Problem?

September 2008
21: How the Credit Crisis May Affect Highly Leveraged Publishers
12: Covering Online News Association Conference

August 2008
29: On AP and Newspaper Cancellation
24: Transforming American Newspapers (Part 2)
20: Transforming American Newspapers (Part 1)
12: NYTimes.com: More Californians Visiting than NYers?

July 2008
23: What to watch as The Sporting News launches free online formatted magazine.
21: This is WSJ Breaking News Why, Exactly?
15: ContentNext, mediabistro and Math
14: Random News, No Preference
02: You Can't Have it Both Ways
02: Hard data confirms changes in Wall Street Journal’s news choices under Murdoch

June 2008
23: George Carlin, My Hero
17: The Real Threat to AP
10: The Coming Collision With Mobile Carriers
10: Future of NYTimes
06: Taking Ballmer Too Literally
04: Wall Street Journal contuinues its "me too" big story strategy

May 2008
29: Twitter-Nalia: A Cloud Burst is Forming
27: News media need to give users serendipity and value added. Not the price of a gallon of gas.
16: Making Money From Media When Copyright's Not Respected
15: CBS Buying CNET Makes Sense?
12: Twitter Journalism
02: Can less be more? Defining new media products by how they are used

April 2008
29: Twitter and the Zeitgeist
23: Newspapers Aren't General Interest on the Web
21: Crovitz: Consumer Has it Over Business
03: The Price of Objectivity

March 2008
20: The Freemium Business Model: Anything There for the Media?
11: Why MagHound is Brilliant -- And Why It Won’t Work

February 2008
07: Murdoch does not take Wall Street Journal to the right (place)
02: Microsoft and Yahoo (Microhoo?) Makes Time-Warner/AOL Merger Look Good

January 2008
28: Paying Sources
24: It's Official: WSJ Not Free
16: The Wall Street Journal Online Wants to/Does not want to be free, Part 7
05: The Uncertainty May Be Over for Hi-Def DVD: And the Winner is Blu-Ray
03: Gain and Loss of Social Self

December 2007
29: Media entrepreneurship is vibrant and encouraging, even beyond the Internet
28: Benazir Bhutto Front Page Roundup
21: Entrepreneurial Journalism is No Oxymoron (II)
18: Local online advertising is up. Newspapers' share in down.
13: How Could a Newspaper Compete with This?
12: CNET Shuts Down Its Reader
09: Entrepreneurial Journalism is No Oxymoron
07: Economist's research confirms that ad-support online model works best today for larger newspapers
02: Challenging Times for (Some) Business Magazines

November 2007
14: Why Aren't There Government Bloggers?
14: Murdoch to set WSJ Online free; Sees decline in television profit
13: Murdoch confirms WSJ Online wants to be free
01: Could Google Be as Transformative for the Cell Phone Model as it Has Been for the Media Industry?

October 2007
19: The Attributes of a Journalist or Marketer
10: When Everyone's an Advertiser Where Does the Money Go?
04: "Seismic" events reshaping media landscape? I think not.
02: Newspapers' iPod Moment

September 2007
26: Journalism and Marketing
20: It's Time for News Organizations to Stop Defining Themselves by Obsolete Products
20: Payment for Online Content isn't Dead, Despite TimesSelect's Demise
19: More Thoughts on TimesSelect
18: New York Times abandons TimesSelect, joins all advertising model
17: Do Newspapers Need an 'Octopus' Strategy?

August 2007
30: Survey Data Points to Need for New Thinking for Newspaper Publishers
15: Looking back: Communications industry spending outpaces GDP growth. Looking ahead: Internet advertising poised to overtake newspaper ad revenue
10: How Pogue Does Video
06: The Wall Street Journal, Free and Strategy
01: The Press Will Be Outsourced Before Stopped
01: If the Wall Street Journal Were Free

July 2007
30: Clinton Cleavage? Gimme a Break

June 2007
29: Is a micropayment system needed to bulk up Internet content from small players?
19: Editors are Now 'Content Managers'

May 2007
25: Disintermediation: Still at work, eroding the old while creating new opportunities
23: Prediction: Newspapers Will Rule the Video World
18: Business Imperatives for the Digital Editor
16: Streaming Media East '07: Non-Media Companies Get Media
16: Supply & Demand and 'Unpackaging' on Newspaper Content Online
14: The Media Development Loan Fund
10: Google's Privacy Issue

April 2007
27: New data bodes ill for newspaper advertising, but a few notes of positive news
25: The Halberstam I Knew
16: Pulitzer: WSJ gets 2, Heavy on NY
06: McClatchy-Yahoo Deal A Small Step in the New Media Landscape

March 2007
16: 2006 advertising numbers for media shows familiar story: Online is sucking up all the growth
02: The challenge of media competition from ground level

February 2007
15: The Future of Radio is… TV, says The NY Times. Convergence Strikes Again
13: 'Citizen Journalism' Is Only One Of Many Necessary Tools
06: A Land Where Beer is Pronounced URL

January 2007
18: Data Points Aggregate Into Trends Facing Media Old and New
05: Promote World Press Freedom on May 3rd

December 2006
19: Smaller News Operations Can Get High Prominence on Google News
17: We are Time's "Person of the Year": The Year of YouTube
07: Photos of newsrooms show varied styles, but "bottom line" of design not clear

November 2006
20: Hundreds of American Newspapers Surrender
09: No newspaper (or Web site) ever went out of business for lack of content

October 2006
18: Do online publishers really need protection from Google? The outlook for ACAP
17: What Future Roles for Newsstands, Archives, and Newsrooms?
09: Do More People Read Newspapers Online Than in Print?

September 2006
29: Timewarp
28: Your market share is down. You're selling less. A turnaround unlikely. Ya think some downsizing might be in order?
26: Peeking Under the Blanket
19: Online News IQ Quiz: Are You Up to Speed?
11: The News Industry's Five Stages of Grief

August 2006
14: Pragmatic Advice from An Editor Who Understands
11: Federated Expected to Drastically Reduce Newspaper Advertising

July 2006
25: Media Idolatry
21: Chilly Media Climate in Russia, But Some Issues for Media Business are Universal

June 2006
29: Frustrated in Amherst
14: Newspaper Websites' Average User Aging as Quickly as Print Readers
04: World's publishers gather in Moscow, but it's the editors who are leading

May 2006
26: Culture Shock within Online Publishing
25: Local Group to Buy Philadelphia Newspapers: Dreams of the Naive or Fresh Thinking of New Players?
11: From "We" to "Oui"
05: "Trust in Media" survey adds to data that the erosion of television and newspaper use continues
03: We Media: A False Divide

April 2006
27: What is 'New Media'?
26: Cauthorn and Defense Minister Challenge Asian Publishers
26: A Date with the Butcher
17: Latest Fox, Disney video plans highlight development of multiple business models
14: Raise a Web Banner for World Press Freedom Day (May 3)
13: Cauthorn webcast
03: Internet video: 10 years in the making of a "sudden" phenomenon

March 2006
22: Strategy for newspaper company may differ from strategy for newspaper
14: McClatchy deal leaves much uncertainty in wake of Knight-Ridder "resale"
14: Finally: The New York Times to Cease Printing Daily Stock Tables
06: John Naughton Foresees the End of Traditional Broadcasting
06: Future of the media industry? Just follow the money
03: WAN Paris Report: Newspaper Revenues Online

February 2006
22: Bismarck's newspaper vs. Brightcove's online video. It's no contest
20: A Blog For Comments About Just One Story
16: Real Interactivity
09: Newspapers discover they are at "a strategic inflection point": 2006 or 1996?
08: CNN, Losing on the Air, Winning Online
06: A WAN Attempt to Turn Back Time
04: Western Union sings its last telegram: The lessons for the media industry
02: Freedom/Registration, Control/Controlled: Identity 2.0 Eliminates Polarity

January 2006
26: Convergence is when you don’t know where the next bit is coming from
25: NewsHour with Jim Lehrer about the WashingtonPost.com Blog Shutdown
24: Readers Must Be Transparent, Too
09: Bundling equals diversity and serendipity for cable as much as for newspapers
04: Murdoch Hires McKinsey's Philips
04: Merging v. Demerging
04: Quote of the Week?
03: What role for public broadcasting in the new media future?

December 2005
20: Is content king? v2.0
19: Apples to Apples, Dust to Dust
14: Time Inc.Cuts Staff; Los Angeles Times Ends National Edition
11: And now for their share of the splintering advertising budget--the video game publishers
07: Pulitzer Prizes Jury Now Accepts Online Content Submissions
07: Professor of New Media Leads The Society of Professional Journalists
05: Heaton: How Unbundled TV Should Work
05: E&P Laments the 'Meltdown to the Core'
05: Why 'Verified' Circulation Is Now Separate From 'Paid' Circulation
05: Ringtone Pricing May Lead Music Industry to Misprice Online
02: PDF or Die

November 2005
29: Big Screen, small screen? Ad supported, user supported? Paper or plastic? The Agony and Ecstasy of choice.
22: Is Destination Dead?
22: Media must get used to being in a permanent state of discomfort
15: A Perspective: The Myth of The Owned Readers
15: A Perspective: The Myth of Audience Fragmentation
15: No Control is Scary
12: New York Times' Paid Online Content Hits 135,00 Subscribers in Two Months
10: The Difference Between Microsoft and Media
10: Another Google 'Assault' on Classified Ads
09: IBM is Listening
08: This Is Really Pay-per-View
07: Predicting is a hazardous occupation—especially when it deals with the future
04: The media revolution in your pocket: wireless broadband inches forward
04: Partial access, for a fee
03: NBC Shows for Free?
02: Paying, but Not for News. Yes, But
01: Having Managed Its Decline, Knight Ridder Begins to Reap the Whirlwind

October 2005
29: "Young readers" for newspapers? Won't happen. And Harte-Hanks knew it.
28: Sulzberger: Information Doesn't Want to be Free
28: I Pay for Digital, Not Print, Media
26: The Online/Legacy User Equivalence Myth
24: How to Build a Successful Blog Network
21: Google Still Plays Its Own Game
21: Revenge of the telcos: "Content-based billing" software introduced
21: Downsizing Newspapers: 'Cause "The times they are a-changin'"
20: What Obstacles Exist for Online Journalism?
20: Optimism Over The Daily Show
19: Leo Bogart, R.I.P. (1921-2005)
18: Bigtimers go bloggy
14: Does e-paper mean moving pictures for magazines?
12: My Rebuillding Media Compatriot Bob Cauthorn will speak at IfraExpo 2005
12: Are Ad Agencies Changing?
07: Delaware Supremes extend First Amendment Protection to online comments
07: John Le Carré about U.S. Media
06: Is Yahoo public enemy No. 1 for Big Media?
06: Editor & Publisher interviews Adrian Holovaty
06: The Aims of Journalism in the 21st Century
05: We Media Photos
05: In Us We Trust
05: Lessons for Legacy Media from Intel: Management, Fire Yourself!
05: At the VC Panel
05: A Vacant Room
05: People Don't Know They're Using RSS
05: How do You PAY for It?
05: Who's the Conversation Among
05: Photos to come, photos available
05: White tablecloths, microphones and stage lights
05: Big Media trying to get it
05: At 'We Media'
04: Batelle: Google is media, Yahoo too
04: Oui to We Media

September 2005
29: Wiki of an Esquire article
29: Seriously, Serious. No Joke. Just Kidding
29: They Actually Said That: CBS Chairman Les Moonves
28: Newspaper Print Edition Executives' Visions of the Future
25: What does media use in New Orleans after the floods suggest about Rebuilding---Media?
25: Live blogging yoga, community service or the downward dog of PR?
22: Behold the Power of Them
22: The New Guardian: Intelligent Design in Newspaper
22: The Guardian's 'Been There' Beta
21: When Good Tech Goes Bad, and Advertisers Link
21: Newspapers, meet precipice: It's the product, stupid
19: Sex on Cellphones: Good News for News?
16: News With Context
16: How Bad Is Ad Industry Fudging?
15: A 70 Year Trend Shows Advertising Revenue Cannot Support All Boats
15: Really Natural Search
14: OJR: Citizen Media Gets Richer
13: Austin American-Statesman gets it right with blogging
13: Public Service Site ChicagoCrime.org Wins $10,000 Batten Award
12: Digital Magazine Company Buys Print
11: Proof the Web Works (at Least for NPR Listeners)
09: ... And Large Layoffs
09: Rock v. Armour: Actual Dissension Within the Audit Bureau of Circulation Board
09: Keeping the User in Mind for Purchases
07: The Fact is, in Real Terms, Newspaper Circulation Has Been on the Decline Since 1930s
06: A prototype of your new best friend...
06: Online Journalism Review's Interview with Bob Cauthorn
06: Yahoo accused of outing Chinese reporter
06: Big Media Companies are Losing Value, as Yahoo, Google Gain
06: Introducing Dorian Benkoil
02: Hear that Sucking Sound?

August 2005
31: Being Part of Big Media Does Not Guarantee Survival
30: MIT Technology Review Goes Less Print, More Online
30: WKRN-TV and KRON-TV Switch to Videographer Journalists
30: Introducing Ben Compaine
17: Ben Compaine as Jonathan Swift: Should Media Set the Community's Agenda?
10: Number of New Users of Digital Audio Players to Decline
10: NYT's Keller and Nisenholtz on Newsroom Integration
10: Evening TV News Might Disappear Like Evening Newspapers
08: Friday's FCC ruling could usher in new internet tariffs
03: Are metro papers outdated? Unofficial Local coverage day continues at Rebuilding media
02: RSS User-Agents Excluded from UK & Irish Website Traffic Statistics
02: New York Times to Merge Print and Online Newsrooms
02: Prologue to a Radio Interview about 'Citizen Journalism'
01: Prudential examines newspapers circulation numbers
01: Reed Elsevier to be Online Only Business, CEO Predicts
01: Rather on News
01: CraigsList Rapidly Growing in Local Markets
01: Wallace on the 'Agora of the 21st Century'
01: Nokia on What'll Happen in 2005, 2006, and 2008
01: Our Infrequency and Length

July 2005
31: Posner on Media Polarization
27: Memo to mainstream media: You don't get to blog
27: UK Illegal Music Downloaders Also Buy More Music
27: Tensions between Programmers and Cable Operators Hinders VOD
27: Few Know About RSS, Podcasting, Etc.
27: Finalists for the Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism
27: Newspapers' Blog Attempts 'Reek of Desperation'
27: Schanberg: How to 'Read' the News
27: The Global Effects of CraigsList on Newspapers
20: The Lessons of Lawrence
11: MIT Technology Review Editor Says Print's End Coming Soon Than Expected
11: BBC 3 To Premier New Shows On-line Before On-Air
11: Benkoil Calls for New Multidisciplinary Group about Online Content
11: More Than Half of Movie Studios' Revenues from DVD and VHS
08: Even Journalists Can Get Carried Away by Blogging's Immediacy
07: New Media From The Horse's Mouth

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